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Grow in an affirming environment

Kelli Cavaliere, LCSW

One of my favorite quotes is "You don't have to be great at the start, but you have to start to be great". Starting something new can be hard, but therapy can be the first step to lasting life changes.

I value being transparent and collaborative with clients to ensure our space is affirming of all identities. My goal as your therapist will be to harness your power from within and thrive in your everyday life. 

Whether you're trying to manage anxiety, depression, relationship struggles, or loss, we'll examine what is and is not working to stay well through the many transitions of life and in the many systems that exist around you. Figure out what you need to wake up excited about the day. 

In addition to working with adults, I have extensive experience as a therapist in schools. I foster a warm and safe space to help children and adolescents work through transitions, irritability, anxiety, or anger. Therapy is only 45 minutes a week so I work closely with caregivers so solutions can be supported at home and in school.

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Children and Teens

Children and teens experience anxiety and depression in unique ways. A warm and safe space can help children and teens work through transitions, irritability, anxiety, or anger. Therapy looks different for young people depending on their developmental stage. Younger children may use play or specific scenarios while older children and teens may benefit from cognitive or behavioral approaches in therapy.

Parenting Support

While many aspects of parenting today are similar to when you were a child, many families seek help to navigate the unique challenges of raising children in the digital age. Raising a child who has learning, neurological, emotional, or behavioral differences also requires a unique set of tools and support. Let’s work on it together.

Find Your Path

Does it feel like you’re not on the path you imagined for yourself in your current stage of life? Therapy can help you clarify your values and how to integrate them into all aspects of your life.


Anxiety is your body’s alarm system to protect itself. Sometimes that alarm system doesn’t change with the situation. Examine your alarm system and reteach your mind and body when to kick in and when to relax.


Whether you’re experiencing a brief or extended period of depression, you can explore the thoughts that are impacting your emotions in therapy. Learn how to manage stressors and recharge your batteries.


Managing ADHD is like walking on a tightrope, constantly trying to find your balance. Therapy can help you, understand your ADHD symptoms, leverage your strengths, and fine-tune your executive functioning skills.

Pre-Baby Couple's Workshop

Connect with other soon-to-be parents and build on your current relationship to transition from a couple into a parenting team